Test Results

Tests in the Surgery

Self measured Blood Pressure and Weight, ECGs, 24 hour Blood Pressure, Spirometry and Doppler ultrasound testing can be done here.

We also run a nurse led Warfarin monitoring service with our INR checking machine.

Blood Tests are done by our healthcare assistant and nurses.


Blood tests - Your doctor may order a blood test and do it during a consultation. Alternatively, you may be asked to make an appointment with our phlebotomist for a blood test on another occasion. The samples are delivered to St. George's Hospital and the results are usually available on the practice computer system within five working days. Some samples take longer than this. Your doctor will plan how you are to receive your results. You may be asked to ring the surgery for your results. The receptionist will be able to tell you if the results are normal or tell you what you should do to have the results explained to you.

You can also have blood tests done locally at St John's Clinic on weekdays 8am-1pm, 2pm-4pm without an appointment.

ECGs - The surgery has its own electrocardiograph (ECG) machine, which is used to measure the electrical activity of your heart. An ECG can show changes in various diseases of the heart. You will be asked to make an appointment in the late morning with a nurse, and the doctor will arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss the results.

Ultrasound - The surgery has Doppler ultrasound equipment, which can detect the heartbeat of a baby in the womb. This is very helpful for ante-natal checkups.

Warfarin Monitoring - The surgery has an INR testing machine, and Nurse Tina runs an anticoagulation clinic.

Dermoscopy - We have 2 dermatoscopes to examine moles with and analyse which ones are benign, and which might be malignant.

Test Results

If you have a test ordered or performed by the surgery, you will be told how you are to get the results. The doctor or nurse may ask you to make an appointment when the results should be back.

You may be asked to ring up for the results when they have been checked by the doctor or nurse. It is best to ring when the telephone is quieter between 14:00 and 15:00. The receptionists will then be able to give you the message about your results.

If everything is normal there may be no further action needed. If you need to speak to the doctor or nurse you will be put through or given a telephone consultation slot to be called back by the right person. If the result is abnormal and further action is needed, your doctor may ring and tell you, email or write to you.

In the end it is in your interest to make sure you find out about your test results. It is our responsibility to make sure abnormal results are followed up.

You can also see your results online if you have registered for medical records access. You may still need to discuss what they mean with us!