Patient Participation Group

We are here to help you make the best of your health. We encourage you to join in decisions about your healthcare as far as possible. We also value your views about the service we offer and invite comments and constructive criticism. The more we understand about what you would like and the more we can tell you about developments and constraints in the health service, the better we can work together.

We have a patient participation group which meets regularly to offer views and suggestions and represent you to us. We can then use these ideas to improve our services. This year the government has made involving our patients a priority. We will draw up plans for improvements and report progress to all our patients.

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this.

We are recruiting new members, why not come along to a meeting and see what you think?

You are also welcome to contact the practice to speak to either a member of the practice team, or a current member of the patient group to find out more. Minutes and reports from the group are also available on request.

If you would like to become involved, please complete our Patient Participation Group Registration.

Achievements Of The PPG

  • Improving pavement outside the practice.
  • Improving reception desk area.
  • Disabled access on front door installed.