Our Mental Health Services

Mental health is incredibly important. If you have any concerns about your mental health or someone else's mental health, the MIND website and the NHS website offer lots of useful information.

If this does not answer your concern or you feel that it would be an appropriate next step, please book an appointment with one of our doctors. If it is an urgent issue, please call the practice if we are open and ask for an urgent phone call. Alternatively, call 111 if we are shut. We are not able to respond as quickly as emergency services, and so if you are concerned that it is an emergency, call 999.

Our doctors and nurses are trained to support people with mental health issues and we work closely with services from charities, Talk Wandsworth and our local specialist mental health teams to support our patients.

We also have a member of Wandsworth Community Drug and Alcohol Service who attends the practice weekly to support any of our patients who would like help with regard to their use of alcohol or recreational drugs.

Feeling low