Our Long Term Conditions Services


Long-term conditions are incredibly important. The whole practice team work together to support you with your long-term condition. Our whole team is committed to caring for your long-term health conditions. This involves:

  • inviting you to check up appointments,
  • helping you find the right medication,
  • supporting you to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet,
  • finding local and national support groups
  • supporting you with your mental health as you navigate living with a long-term condition

Because of this wide range of support, you may be contacted by a social prescriber, a member of our patient care co-ordination team, a pharmacist, a doctor or a member of our nursing team.

If you have any concerns or queries, then do book an appointment at the practice. If you are not sure who might be best placed to answer your query, then do ask a member of our patient co-ordination team by sending the practice an email or by phoning.

Annual Reviews

You should be invited for your main annual review around the time of your birthday. Depending on your medical conditions, you will have either 1 or 2 appointments for this annual review.

If you are given 2 appointments, the first appointment is a chance for us to gather information - for example, checking your blood pressure, blood tests, weight or feet. The second appointment is then the main review appointment where you can talk about how you are getting on and we can review this information.

If you are only given 1 appointment, this is because we do not need to do blood tests or gather any additional information prior to doing your annual review. If you have only been given one appointment and you think you should have an appointment for blood tests or other information gathering, please do call or email the Practice.