Minor Surgery and Joint Injections

Minor Surgery

Dr Seal runs a regular minor surgery clinic.

We offer removal of troublesome cysts, moles, lipomas and other skin conditions. Where there is any concern about a mole or other skin condition, we would refer you to a dermatologist rather than removing it ourselves.

As this is an NHS service, we do not treat skin lesions for cosmetic reasons only.

Please book a telephone appointment with Dr Seal if you would like to discuss removal of a skin lesion. If you are worried about a mole or skin lesion, please book an appointment with any doctor to ensure you are seen swiftly and then they can discuss this with Dr Seal if needed.

Joint Injections

Dr Zuberi and Dr Seal regularly perform joint injections during their clinics. This is usually for painful, often arthritic joints. 

Please do consult with your usual doctor about any painful joint and they can then discuss whether an injection would be beneficial with either Dr Zuberi or Dr Seal.