Child and Teen Health

The health of our children and young people is extremely important. If you ever have any concerns about your child's health, the NHS website contains lots of helpful information.

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions or concerns, then please book an appointment to discuss this with one of our doctors or nurses.

We also work together with midwives, health visitors, social workers, school nurses and many others to proactively look after your child as they grow up. In the UK, regular health checks to monitor things such as weight and height are carried out by health visitors and school nurses.

At the surgery, we also carry out the 6-8 week newborn check and childhood immunisations.

6-8 week health check

Your baby will be invited for a thorough physical examination.

Your baby's eyes, heart, hips and – for boys – testicles will be checked. They'll also have their weight, length and head circumference measured.

They'll also ask you how you've been feeling emotionally and physically since the birth of your baby.

Childhood Vaccination

Your baby will be offered the recommended childhood vaccinations to protect them against many serious and diseases.

You can find more information about the vaccinations we offer on the NHS vaccination web page.

If you have any questions about vaccinations that are not answered by the NHS page, then please do book a consultation with one of our nurses or doctors.